Trial in the Stobnica castle case

The criminal trial of the Stobnica Castle case began today, with attorney Tomasz Przybecki defending the chief designer.

A criminal trial concerning the media construction of a castle in Stobnica, Oborniki municipality, began today before the Oborniki District Court. The indictment included the investors, the chief designer, and officials of the construction administration and construction supervision authorities. The case has been the subject of media and public attention for several years. According to the prosecutor’s office, the construction of the castle was carried out in violation of the law and the criminal charges pertain to crimes against the credibility of documents, against the environment and so-called official crimes. None of the defendants admit guilt.

Attorney-at-law Tomasz Przybecki is the defense attorney for the chief architect, who provided explanations at the hearing. According to the defense, the entire case is purely administrative, and the charges against the client are unfounded.

At an earlier stage of the trial, the Oborniki Regional Court discontinued the proceedings against the investors and the designer, citing the absence of the elements of a criminal act, but after a complaint from the prosecutor’s office, the District Court in Poznań reversed the decision and ordered a full trial, in which all the charges are to be thoroughly investigated.

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(Picture: Emil Wojtysiak, CC BY-SA 4.0