The legal practice, carries out a whole range of legal services of both companies and natural persons, both on principle of long term partnership and individual contractual bases. In our day to day running of business we cooperate with experts, tax advisers, notaries and specialists from all fields of law. We offer legal advice in both English and German.

We provide expertise in all fields of law. In particular we excel in:

Column 1

  • Advice for corporate entities,
  • Preparing and providing legal advice concerning legal documents and agreements,
  • Setting up, registering, and restructuring of companies, preparing articles of associations, other documentation required for the National Register of Companies, registering foundations and associations, tax optimisation,
  • Carrying out legal proceedings in administrative courts with an emphasis on tax law,
  • Execution of property ad litem for the benefit of the legal entity,
  • Conducting all legal proceedings of a legal entity, including peculiar, difficult and untypical legal cases,
  • Due diligence of companies,
  • Dealing with illicit competition practices.
  • Servitude of the transmission lines – representation of the owner in conflict with the infrastructure operators, obtaining damages for taking over of the real estate,
  • Remuneration for benefiting from the real estate without appropriate agreement,
  • Buying out of the real estate.
  • Return of the estates expropriated, nationalized and appropriated per the reformed agricultural law. Representation in administrative organs, administrative and common courts. Legal council for the former owners and their inheritors,
  • Return of nationalized estate (paintings, furniture etc.) and other assets (stocks and bonds), representation in negotiations and legal proceedings,
  • Regulation of legal matters concerning real estate and mortgage registers, legal aid in inheritance legal cases, including those carried out from abroad,
  • Managing legal issues of agricultural land transactions, representation in contacts with The Agricultural Property Agency (APA), legal help in land buyout by heirs of former landowners.
  • Acknowledgement of inheritance procurement, representation in legal proceedings,
  • Division of inheritance – representation n negotiations and legal proceedings,
  • Regulating legal matters concerning real estate and mortgage registers,
  • Legitime legal affairs – representation in legal proceedings,
  • Establishing the inheritors and legal representation in inheritance cases abroad.
  • Counseling in criminal commercial cases (fraud, action against the benefit of the company, misappropriation),
  • Counseling in administrative and managerial criminal cases,
  • Representation in libel and slander cases,
  • Counseling in trademark and copyright violation cases,
  • Counseling in tax criminal cases and tax offences.

Column 2

  • Managing legal issues of the investment process at all stages, including the building conditions decision making process, building permit, design process and substitution,
  • Investment execution, general contracting agreement, subcontracting, court disputes regarding performance of agreements.,
  • Representation in administrative law cases in courts of all instances including administrative courts,
  • Due diligence (legal audit) of investment real estate before concluding a legal transaction,
  • Litigation of local spatial management plans and decisions concerning building conditions, preparing legal opinions,
  • Damages for the loss of value of real estate caused by a motion passed by administrative authorities concerning spatial development,
  • Planning and recoupment charge for local public infrastructure – legal representation and counseling of the real estate owner in administrative and court administrative legal cases aimed at limiting or waiving the fees,
  • Damages for real estate taken over for road construction sites, representation in negotiations and administrative legal proceedings,
  • Expropriations, representation in administrative proceedings and in litigation for damages for the expropriations.
  • Legal representation in real estate purchasing and selling, safeguarding the legal transaction, tax issues, representation in conflicts concerning contractual implementation,
  • Representation in cases concerning elimination of joined ownership of a real estate, signing out of particular premises, division of real estate, representation in legal disputes between the owners of the real estate,
  • Legal counselling for tenement houses owners, and landlords – court execution of rent dues, eviction, litigation of agreements of housing cooperatives,
  • Damages from the municipality for not providing a replacement flat – representation before the court of law,
  • Legal aid in real estate agreements: development agreements and preliminary agreements,
  • Representation in usucaption legal cases,
  • Verifying the content of a real estate and mortgage register with the actual status,
  • Legal handling of large surface lease agreements, opining of legal agreements, representation in courts of law,
  • All peculiar and unorthodox cases in court of law pertaining to real estate.
  • Legal aid for designer and architecture companies, preparation and advice in legal agreements, legal breech of copyrights and legal aid in disputes with the investors,
  • Representation of artists in copyright infringement cases,
  • Representation in personal property and image violation cases,
  • safeguarding intellectual, internet property rights, prosecuting the violators,
  • Counselling in e-commerce and e-entertainment,
  • Internet domain legal cases,
  • Personal data protection,
  • Legal advice concerning gambling and mutual betting.


Graduate of St. Maria Magdalena high school In Poznań. Between 2000-2005 studied law at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Between 2001-2003 sociological studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Adam Mickewicz University in Poznań. Between 2003-2004 abroad scholarship at the Zurich Faculty of Law (Switzerland). Started judicial training in 2005.


Between 2006-2009 finished legal training by the Wielkopolska Izba Adwokacka completed with a legal counselor exam. Legal career has been pursuit since 2003, first at a renown legal practice in Poznan and since 2010 at his own legal practice. He focuses on cases concerning reprivatisation, real estate and management of investment processes. Speaks German, English and French. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, hiking and duplicate bridge.

Sara Dąbrowska, attorney
Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Her MA thesis dealt with issues of public–private partnership and public auction. In 2013 finished legal training by the Wielkopolska Izba Adwokacka completed with a legal counselor exam. Her primary focus includes economic processes and real estate law. Speaks English.
Maria Swosińska, legal advisor
Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In 2013 accepted as a trainee legal advisor at the Wielkopolska Izba Radców Prawnych. Her primary focus at the legal practice includes investment process, construction industry court disputes, copyright and administrative law. She is also interested in civil law and in particular the issue of personal rights. Her MA thesis concerned the protection of the right of personal portrayal. Speaks fluent English.
Patrycja Saniuk, legal advisor
PhD student at the Department of European Studies at the Poznań University of Economics. Graduate of the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism as well as Law and Administration, both at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Her primary focus at the law firm is administrative law and current services for companies. Speaks German.
Filip Błaszczyk, legal advisor
Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. His main focus at the law firm includes reprivatisation, spatial development, real estate recovery and intellectual property. Speaks English.


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