S24 companies – increasing customer interest

The law firm has extensive experience in the procedure of company registration through S24. We explain what possibilities the S24 system offers and the mode of online company registration.

The ability to form a company using an online template is a convenience for entrepreneurs. The system assumes that there is no need for a notary, and the entire registration process takes place online. As a result, it speeds up and simplifies registration and reduces its costs. To set up a company in the S24 system, you need to create an account at:

However, the entrepreneur, when deciding to use this mode, must keep in mind the limitations. With the help of the S24 system, it is only possible to form a general partnership, limited partnership and limited liability company. The indicated mode is not provided for the partnership, limited joint-stock partnership and joint-stock company.

The freedom to determine the content of the contract is limited. Entrepreneurs have the option of using only the model provisions of the articles of association. These formulas are simple and do not provide for any complicated contractual provisions.

For example, provisions for a share capital increase cannot be introduced into the contract without amending the articles of association. As a result, the partnership agreement created may not provide entrepreneurs with the regulations necessary to implement the business idea. In addition, the S24 system does not allow for in-kind contributions. This may result in the need to amend the company’s articles of association and register these changes in the registry.

The registration application should be recognized within one business day from the date of receipt. However, due to the high level of interest in this form of contracting a company, the time for processing the application extends to several working days. However, it is still much faster than traditional paper registration.