Compensation from the Treasury for the reduction in the value of real estate

In August, we reached a court settlement with the Treasury on behalf of our clients, under which the Treasury paid compensation to the firm’s clients in over PLN 2,000,000.

The case followed the return of the park and palace complex to its clients on the basis of the governor’s decision stating that the property did not fall under the provisions of the Land Reform Decree. The law firm represented the heirs of the pre-war owner of the property, which is a palace and park complex in Wielkopolska, in an administrative case. The clients, thanks to the aforementioned decision, recovered the property in kind, however, at the time of surrender the palace was in a dire state of repair, through years of neglect by the Treasury.

The law firm then prepared a lawsuit to seek compensation from the Treasury for the reduction in the value of the property by bringing it to such a dire state a technical condition. The termination of the case in the form of a court settlement made it possible to discontinue the lawsuit already at the first-instance stage and avoid further litigation.