Land reform – return of land in Strzeszyn

The law firm is preparing a legal opinion at the request of the heirs of a pre-war owner of agricultural land in Strzeszyn (now a district of Poznań).

The case is interesting in that the acquisition of the land took place in 1939 on the basis of the then-applicable law of December 28, 1925 on the implementation of land reform (Journal of Laws of the R.P. No. 1, item 1 of 1926), while the taking of the same land after the war also took place under the pretext of carrying out land reform, only that under the provisions of the PKWN decree of September 6, 1994 on carrying out land reform.

On behalf of clients, the law firm is preparing a complaint to the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw against one of the decisions issued so far in the case, as well as a general concept for further proceedings, which is expected to result in the registration of the heirs’ property in the land and mortgage registers.